Hi. I'm Jos.

As a mixing, mastering engineer and producer, it’s my mission to help artists bring their music to life and achieve the quality they have in their heads.

My studio is based in Stuttgart (Germany) and is a hybrid setup of high quality digital and customized analogue equipment. I am also enthusiastic of electronics,  i modified the most of my equipment with outstanding parts, which help me to get the best out of your sound.

If i can help you, don’t be shy and get in touch with me. Hopefully the result will blow your mind and put a smile on your face 🙂

Sound samples:

Here you can hear some of my work. The following samples demonstrate the effect of before and after processing the sounds.

Trap/EDM before:

Trap/EDM after: (Stem Mastering)


German rap before:

German rap after: (Mixing & Mastering)

French rap before:

French rap after: (Mixing & Mastering)

Rock ballade before:

Rock ballade after: (Mixing & Mastering)

Pop rock before:

Pop rock after: (Mixing & Mastering)


Any questions? I’m happy to help!

Feel free to write me in English, French or German!